What is the best otc non-drowsy allergy medicine

Allegra is the brand name for fexofenadine hydrochloride. It is available in diverse dosage forms such as an oral tablet, oral capsule, orally disintegrating tablet (ODT), and oral suspension. It is generally recommended to treat those who are 12 years and older. However, the ODT form can be used in those aged 6 years and older and the suspension can be istered to children aged 2 years and older.

Claritin is also known by its generic name loratadine. It is available in an oral tablet, oral capsule, and ODT form to treat those who are 6 years and older. It can also be taken as a chewable tablet or oral solution in children aged 2 years and older.

Whereas the dose of Allegra may need to be adjusted in people with renal problems, Claritin may need to be adjusted in people with renal and/or liver problems.

Allegra Claritin
Drug class Antihistamine Antihistamine
Brand/generic status Generic version available Generic version available
What is the generic name?


What is the brand name?

Brand name: Allegra

Generic name: Fexofenadine hydrochloride

Brand name: Claritin

Generic name: Loratadine

What form(s) does the drug come in? Oral tablet

Oral capsule

Orally disintegrating tablet

Oral suspension

Oral tablet

Oral capsule

Orally disintegrating tablet

Oral solution

Chewable oral tablet

What is the standard dosage? Seasonal allergic rhinitis: 60 mg twice daily or 180 mg once daily

Chronic urticaria (hives): 60 mg twice daily or 180 mg once daily

Seasonal allergic rhinitis: 10 mg once daily

Chronic urticaria (hives): 10 mg once daily

How endless is the typical treatment? Daily as needed Daily as needed
Who typically uses the medication? 2 years and older depending on the dosage form taken 2 years and older depending on the dosage form taken

Conditions treated by Allegra and Claritin

Both Allegra and Claritin are used to treat seasonal allergic rhinitis, which is the inflammation of the lining of the nose due to allergens.

These drugs can also treat perennial allergic rhinitis, which occurs year-round and is sometimes referred to as hay fever. Both medications can also treat chronic idiopathic urticaria, or hives, which is recurring and lasts for 6 weeks or more.

Allegra can be effective as a pretreatment for hymenoptera immunotherapy, which is a type of desensitization therapy that uses bee or insect venom to decrease the severity of sting reactions.

Claritin can also be used as an add-on treatment with other medications to assist control asthma, especially asthma that is triggered by allergies.

Claritin can also assist treat a type of nonallergic rhinitis called eosinophilic nonallergic rhinitis. Nonallergic rhinitis has the same symptoms of allergic rhinitis except there may not be a known cause for it.

Use the following table to compare the approved medical uses and off-label uses of Allegra and Claritin.

Condition Allegra Claritin
Seasonal allergic rhinitis Yes Yes
Perennial allergic rhinitis Yes Yes
Chronic urticaria (hives) Yes Yes
Hymenoptera immunotherapy (venom immunotherapy) Off label No
Allergic asthma No Off label
Eosinophilic nonallergic rhinitis No Off label

If you or your kid own been prescribed acrivastine, follow your doctor’s instructions about how and when to take it.

What is the best otc non-drowsy allergy medicine

If you bought acrivastine from a pharmacy or store, follow the instructions that come with the packet.

How to take it

Acrivastine doesn’t generally upset your stomach. You can take it whether you own eaten recently or not.

Swallow the capsules whole.

What is the best otc non-drowsy allergy medicine

Do not chew them.

Always take acrivastine capsules with a drink of water, milk or juice (but do not drink grapefruit juice with acrivastine as you may be more likely to get side effects).

How much will I take?

Acrivastine comes as capsules (8mg). The usual dose in adults and children aged 12 years and over is 1 capsule 3 times a day.

When it’s mixed with a decongestant, each capsule contains 8mg of acrivastine and 60mg of pseudoephedrine. The usual dose in adults and children aged 12 years and over is 1 capsule 3 times a day.

Do not take more than 3 acrivastine capsules, or 3 acrivastine mixed with pseudoephedrine capsules, in 24 hours.

When to take it

You may only need to take acrivastine on a day you own symptoms, such as if you own been exposed to something you’re allergic to love animal hair.

Or you may need to take it regularly to prevent symptoms, such as to stop hay fever during spring and summer.

What if I forget to take it?

Take your forgotten dose as soon as you remember, unless it’s almost time for your next dose.

Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose. Do not take more than 3 capsules in 24 hours.

If you forget doses often, it may assist to set an alarm to remind you. You could also enquire your pharmacist for advice on other ways to assist you remember to take your medicine.

What if I take too much?

Acrivastine is generally extremely safe. Taking too much is unlikely to harm you. If you take an additional dose by error, you might get some of the common side effects.

If this happens or you’re concerned, contact your doctor.

As of 2017[update] brands included: Actalor, Actidin, Aerotina, Alaspan, Alavert, Albatrina, Alerdina, Alerfast, Alergan, Alergiano, Alergiatadina, Alergin Ariston, Alergipan, Alergit, Alergitrat L, Aleric Lora, Alermuc, Alernitis, Alerpriv, Alertadin, Alertine, Aleze, Algac, Algecare, Algistop, Alledryl, Aller-Tab, Allerfre, Allerget, Allergex Non Drowsy, Allergyx, Allerhis, Allernon, Allerta, Allertyn, Allohex, Allor, Allorat, Alloris, Alor, Analor, Anhissen, Anti-Sneeze, Antial, Antil, Antimin, Ao Hui Feng, Ao Mi Xin, Ao Shu, Ardin, Atinac, Avotyne, Axcel Loratadine, Bai Wei Le, Bang Nuo, Bedix, Belodin, Benadryl, Besumin, Bi Sai Ning, Bi Yan Tong, Biliranin, Biloina, Biolorat, Bollinol, Boots Hayfever Relief, Boots Hooikoortstabletten, Boots Once-a-Day Allergy Relief, Carin, Carinose, Chang Ke, Civeran, Clara, Claratyne, Clarid, Clarihis, Clarihist, Clarilerg, Clarinese, Claritin, Claritine, Clarityne, Clarityne SP, Clarotadine, Clatatin, Clatine, Clear-Atadine, Clear-Atadine Children’s, Clistin, Contral, Cronitin, Da Sheng Rui Li, Dao Min Qi, Dayhist, Debimin, Desa, Devedryl, Dexitis, Dimegan, Dimens, Dimetapp Children’s ND Non-Drowsy Allergy, Doliallérgie Loratadine, Effectine, Eladin, Elo, Emilora, Encilor, Eradex, Erolin, Ezede, Fei Ge Man, Finska, Flonidan, Flonidan Control, Florgan, Folerin, Frenaler, Fristamin, Fu Lai Xi, Fucole Minlife, Genadine, Glodin, Gradine, Halodin, Helporigin, Hisplex, Histaclar, Histafax, Histalor, Horestyl, Hua Chang, Hysticlar, Igir, Immunix, Immunex, Inclarin, Inversyn, Jin Su Rui, Jing Wei, Ke Mi, Klarihist, Klinset, Klodin, Kui Yin, Lallergy, Larotin, Latoren, Laura, LD, Lei Ning, Lesidas, Liberec, Lisaler, Logadine, Logista, Lohist, Lolergi, Lolergy, Lomidine, Lomilan, Loptame, Lora, Lora-Lich, Lora-Mepha Allergie, Loracare, Loracil, Loraclear, Loradad, Loraderm, Loradin, Loradine, Lorado Pollen, Loradon, Lorafix, Lorahexal, Lorahist, Lorakids, Loralab-D, Loralerg, Loralivio, Loramax, Loramin, Loramine, Loran, Lorange, Loranil, Lorano, Loranox, Lorantis, LoraPaed, Lorastad, Lorastamin, Lorastine, Lorastyne, Lorat, Loratab, Loratadim, Loratadin, Loratadina, Loratadine, Loratadinum, Loratadyna, Loratan, Loratin, Loraton, Loratrim, Loratyne, Lorchimin, Lordamin, Lordinex, Loremex, Loremix, Lorfast, Lorid, Loridin, Lorihis, Lorimox, Lorin, Lorine, Loristal, Lorita, Loritex, Loritin, Lorly, Lormeg, Lorsedin, Lortadine, Losta, Lostop, Lotadin, Lotadine, Lotarin, Lotin, Megalorat, Mildin, Min Li Ke, Minlife, Mintapp, Mosedin, Mudantil L, Nasaler, Neoday, Niltro, Non-Drowsy Allergy Relief, Nosedin, Noseling, Novacloxab, NT-Alergi, Nufalora, Nularef, Numark Allergy, Omega, Oradin, Oradine, Oramine, Orin, Orinil, Pollentyme, Pressing, Pretin, Primorix, Profadine, Pulmosan Aller, Pylor, Rahistin, Ralinet, Ramitin, Refenax, Restamine, Rhinigine, Rihest, Rinalor, Rinconad, Rinityn, Rinolan, Riprazo, Rityne, Roletra, Rotadin, Rui Fu, Run Lai, Rupton, Sensibit, She Tai, Shi Nuo Min, Shi Tai Shu, Shu Rui, Shun Ta Xin, Silora, Sinaler, Sohotin, Soneryl, Sunadine, Symphoral, Tabcin, Tai Ming Ke, Ticevis, Tidilor, Tinnic, Tirlor, Toral, Triaminic, Tricel, Tuulix, Urtilar, Utel, Vagran, Winatin, Xanidine, Xepalodin, Xian Ning, Xin Da Yue, Xing Yuan Jia, XSM, Xue Fei, Yi Fei, Yi Shu Chang, Yibang, Zhengshu, Zhi Min, Zifar, Zoratadine, and Zylohist.[26]

As of 2017[update], in a combination drug with pseudoephedrine, it was available under the brands: Airet, Alavert D-12, Aldisa SR, Alerfast D, Alergical LP, Alergin Plus Ariston, Alerpriv D, Alledryl-D, Allerpid, Aseptobron Descongestivo, Bai Wei Qing, Benadryl 24 D, Ciprocort D, Claridex, Claridon, Clarinase, Clarinase Repetab, Claritine Athletic, Claritin Allergy + Sinus, Clarityne, Clarityne D, Clarityne-D, Clear-Atadine, Coderin, Cronase, De-Cold, Decidex Plus, Decongess I, Defonase, Demazin NS, Dimegan-D, Effectine D, Ephedrol, Fedyclar, Finska-LP, Frenaler-D, Hui Fei Shun, Ke Shuai, Claritin-D, Larotin D, Lertamine, Lohist-Extra, Lora Plus, Loralerg D, Loranil-D, Loratin D, Loratin Plus, Lordinex D, Loremix D, Lorexin-D, Lorfast-D, Loridin-D, Lorinase, Minlife -P, Mosedin plus sr, Narine Repetabs, Nasaler Plus, Nularef-D, Oradin Plus, Pretin-D, Primorix-D, Rhinos SR, QiKe, Rinomex, Sinaler D, Sudamin, Sudolor, Tricel-D, Zhuang Qi, Zoman-D, and Zoratadine-P.[26]

As of 2017[update], in a combination drug with paracetamol, it was available as Sensibit D and in combination with paracetamol and pseudoephedrine, it was available as: Atshi, Clariflu, and Trimed Flu.[26]

As of 2017[update], in a combination drug with betamethasone, it was available as Celestamincort, Celestamine NF, Celestamine NS, Celestamine* L, Ciprocort L, Claricort, Clarityne cort, Corticas L, Cortistamin-L, Histafax Compuesto, Histamino Corteroid L, Labsalerg-B, Lisaler Beta, and Sinaler B, and in combination with betamethadol with available as Nularef Cort.[26]

As of 2017[update], in a combination drug with ambroxol, it was available as Aliviatos, Ambroclar, Antitusivo L Labsa, Bronar, Broncovital, Broquixol, Clarixol, Ideobron, Lorabrox, Lorfast-AM, Sensibit XP, and Toraxan, and in a combination drug with ambroxol and salbutamol as Sibilex.[26]

As of 2017[update], in a combination drug with phenylephrine, it was available as Bramin-Flu, Clarityne D, Clarityne Plus, Clarityne-D, Histafax D, Brafelix, Loramine R, Loraped, Maxiclear Freezing & Nasal, Maxiclear Hayfever & Sinus Relief, and Rinavent, and in combination with phenylephrine and paracetamol it was available as Sensibit D NF.[26]

As of 2017[update], in a combination drug with dexamethasone it was available as Alerfast Forte and Frenaler Forte.[26]

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What is the best otc non-drowsy allergy medicine

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Eye Drops: Itchy eyes, red-eyes, blurry vision, teary eyes

Zaditen AL eye drops “ザジテンAL点眼液”

Algard Clear Block Z “アルガード クリアブロックZ”

Iris AG Guard “アイリスAGガード”

Algard Contact a “アルガード コンタクトα”

  1. Use while wearing contact lenses
  2. Mild effect

EyeFree Kowa AL “アイフリーコーワAL”

  1. Mild effect
  2. No stinging (non-cool type)

Nasal Sprays: Sneezing, Runny Nose, Stuffy Nose

Pabron Tenbi Quick “パブロン点鼻クイック”

Contac Bien Spray “コンタック鼻炎スプレー”

Nazal Spray “ナザールスプレー”

If you are looking for hay fever OTC drugs in Japan for children, glance for the words: “shouni yo” 小児用 on the packaging and the age limitation.

Fluticasone propionate is a nasal spray that is readily available over the counter in the United States.

You may know it by the name ‘Flonase’ and it can be used for allergy relief. It is also available in Japan, however you need a prescription from your doctor.*

During this high allergy season numerous people wear surgical-type masks and specially designed glasses to hold the pollen at bay.

What is the best otc non-drowsy allergy medicine

It is recommended to take steps to limit the quantity of pollen inside of your home. Air cleaners  or air purifiers, for this purpose are readily available in your local appliance store. Consider drying your clothes indoors rather than hanging them exterior. It is also significant that you dust off your clothing before entering your home to lessen the quantity of pollen you finish up bringing inside.

We every desire to enjoy the cherry blossoms and numerous activities to enjoy during the spring.

Don’t let allergies hold you locked indoors. Get to the nearest drugstore and discover the correct hay fever OTC drugs in Japan to assist you through the season. For other tips on surviving hay fever season, check out this article!

Drug overview & main differences | Conditions treated | Efficacy | Insurance coverage and cost comparison | Side effects | Drug interactions | Warnings | FAQ

If you are someone who experiences allergies, you may own been recommended an antihistamine drug such as Allegra (fexofenadine) or Claritin (loratadine).

These medications work by blocking the effects of histamine when you come in contact with an allergen such as pollen, dust mites, or pet dander. Histamine can cause allergic symptoms such as sneezing, congestion, and itchy or watery eyes.

Both Allegra and Claritin work as second-generation antihistamines to assist relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies and hives.

What is the best otc non-drowsy allergy medicine

As second-generation antihistamines, they produce less sedation and drowsiness compared to first-generation antihistamines love Benadryl (diphenhydramine) or chlorpheniramine (Chlor-Trimeton).

Drug interactions of Allegra vs. Claritin

Allegra and Claritin can interact with certain antibiotics and antifungal drugs. Both medications can interact with erythromycin and ketoconazole. When taken together, this interaction can cause increased levels of Allegra or Claritin in the body, which may increase the risk of side effects.

Allegra and Claritin can also interact with some antacids.

Taking Allegra with antacids containing aluminum or magnesium, such as Maalox, can cause decreased levels of Allegra in the body. Taking Claritin with cimetidine can cause increased levels of Claritin in the body and may increase the risk of side effects.

Drug Allegra Claritin
Erythromycin Yes Yes
Ketoconazole Yes Yes
Antacids containing aluminum or magnesium Yes No
Cimetidine No Yes
Amiodarone No Yes

Coverage and cost comparison of Allegra vs.


Allegra and Claritin are not generally covered by insurance. Both drugs are over-the-counter (OTC) medications that can be purchased without a prescription. However, if deemed medically necessary, Medicaid may cover generic OTC drugs depending on your state’s program.

Allegra can be purchased for an average cost of $20 for a 30 tablet package. With a SingleCare Allegra coupon, you can purchase a 30 tablet package at a lower price of $10.49.

Claritin has an average retail cost of $12.99 per 10 tablet packages.

With a SingleCare Claritin coupon, you may only own to pay $3.99 for the same supply of Claritin.

Allegra Claritin
Typically covered by insurance? No No
Typically covered by Medicare? No No
Standard dosage 60, 180 mg tablets 10 mg tablets
Typical Medicare copay $20 $18
SingleCare cost $10 $4

Allegra and Claritin share some mild side effects such as headache, drowsiness, and fatigue.

These side effects are common with other second-generation antihistamines love Zyrtec (cetirizine). However, Allegra may produce less drowsiness than Claritin and other antihistamines.

Other common side effects of Allegra include dizziness, nausea, stomach ache, and back pain. Claritin may also cause dry mouth.

Serious side effects are rare with Allegra and Claritin. However, allergic reactions to any of the ingredients in either drug are possible.

What is the best otc non-drowsy allergy medicine

Those with allergies to either drug may experience rash, swelling, or trouble breathing. Seek medical attention immediately if this occurs.

Allegra Claritin
Side Effect Applicable? Frequency Applicable? Frequency
Headache Yes 5-10% Yes 12%
Drowsiness Yes 1.3% Yes 8%
Fatigue Yes 1.3% Yes 2-4
Dry mouth No Yes 3%
Dizziness Yes 2.1% No
Nausea Yes 1.6% No
Indigestion Yes 2.1% No
Back ache Yes 2.8% No

Source: DailyMed (Allegra), DailyMed (Claritin).

Is Allegra or Claritin more effective?

Allegra and Claritin are both effective at relieving symptoms of allergic rhinitis compared to using no medication at every.

However, Claritin has been shown to provide more overall symptom relief compared to Allegra. It has also been shown to provide overall relief faster than Allegra.

According to a randomized, double-blind, clinical trial, Claritin was found to own a 24.5 percent reduction in symptom relief scores compared to a 19 percent reduction with Allegra. The trial compared both drugs in 836 patients randomized to either therapy. Results showed that the athletic ingredient in Claritin produced a greater level of relief earlier than that of Allegra.

In another randomized study, 688 participants with seasonal allergic rhinitis were given either Claritin, Allegra, or placebo.

Results found that Allegra produced better relief of eye symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes compared to Claritin. While both drugs relieved nasal symptoms, Allegra was also found to improve the overall quality of life compared to Claritin.

Some reports tell that Allegra has less sedative effects than Claritin and other antihistamines. However, one post-marketing study found that there was no significant difference in the level of sedation between Claritin and Allegra. Both drugs were found to be appropriate for workers with jobs that require some level of alertness for safety, such as flight crew.