What is a sulphite allergy

Sulphites – Contains Sulphur Dioxide & Sulphites in Concentrations >10mg/kg(10mh/L)

Cereals Cont.

What is a sulphite allergy

Gluten – Contains Cereals containing Gluten (and products thereof). Each listed accordingly: wheat, barley, rye, spelt & oat)

Crustacea – Contains Crustacea (and products thereof)

Fish – Contains Fish (and products thereof)

Molluscs – Contains Molluscs (and products thereof)

Peanut – Contains Peanuts (and products thereof)

Sesame – Contains Sesame Seeds (and products thereof)

Soybean – Contains Soybean (and products thereof)

Tree Nuts – Contains Tree Nuts (and products thereof), Each listed accordingly: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazils, pistachio and macadamia

Celery – Contains Celery/Celeriac (and products thereof)

Egg – Contains Eggs (and products thereof)

Milk – Contains Milk (and products thereof)

Mustard – Contains Mustard (and products thereof)

Lupin – Contains Lupin (and products thereof)

The problem here is that sulphur occurs in numerous chemical forms, and one can plausibly be allergic to a few but not most, and therefore still get your essential sulphur nutrition from the numerous food sources containing organic sulphur in every sorts of forms.

What is a sulphite allergy

OP, are you allergic to most food? Especially cabbages and onions (which contain a lot)? No?

What is a sulphite allergy

So evidently you can consume sulphur in numerous forms, it is just specific chemical forms of sulphur you are allergic to. Drinking water every over the world frequently contains some sulphates, and if you were allergic to those there would be extremely little water you could drink. There’s a lot of it in sea-water, if you can bathe in the sea you aren’t allergic to sulphates.

Some people are allergic to sulphur dioxide, which is commonly used as a preservative in some food-stuffs, especially wine and dried fruit, and therefore I suppose, possibly also some medicines. This is why it is common to put warning labels on foods that contain sulphur dioxide, and also sulphites which release it fairly easily.

What is a sulphite allergy

I’m guessing you are allergic to sulphur dioxide.

The «sulphurous smell» that we associate with volcanic activity is hydrogen sulphide. We are every allergic to that in the sense that rather little amounts of it are fatally toxic. Fortunately the stuff is so pungent that it smells utterly disgusting in far smaller quantities than are poisonous.

What is a sulphite allergy

There won’t be any in medications, so this is not the stuff you ponder you are allergic to. But it is not impossible that some people are unusually sensitive to it. There is some hydrogen sulphide in the water in parts of Iceland. Makes it not extremely nice to drink for every of us. Though the quantities are at safe levels from a toxicity point of view.

You can also see solid yellow sulphur on the ground at solfataras — which are specifically locations where sulphur forms on the ground around the vents.

What is a sulphite allergy

I doubt this solid elemental sulphur is a problem for you. It is generally wet so it won’t generally be blowing around as a dust.

But I expect that there is some sulphur dioxide being released at boiling springs, more particularly at solfataras rather than places love Geysir. I doubt it is in the water at places you bathe.