What allergies are high today in livingston nj

MORRIS, NJ — While multiple March nor’easters delayed warmer temperatures in New Jersey, they also delayed one of the worst parts of spring: allergy season.

What allergies are high today in livingston nj

Unfortunately for those who suffer from hay fever, when pollen production kicks into full gear it’s going to be rough.

The whopping four nor’easters New Jersey saw this March kept everything damp, washing away pollen, but once the snow clears the moisture will permit trees and plants to spew lots and lots of pollen, Dr. Leonard Bielory from the Asthma and Allergy Research Middle told NJ101.5.

«We will see a quick and rapid rise [in pollen production] that will be fairly vigorous in the first and second week in April.

The moisture that is being deposited, both snow and rain, will actually further nurture the trees and future grass and weed pollinating seasons, so that there will be a higher pollen count for those downstream,» he said.

Pollen production tends to ramp up in the Northeast between April and May, correct when flowers bloom and trees grow their leafs back, WeatherBug meteorologist Andrew Rosenthal said. Once those plants are done pollenating, grass allergies kick in, so when an allergy sufferer will feel it worst depends on what specifically they’re allergic to.

After the initial burst of pollen in mid-April, Bielory expects pollen amounts to level out back to a typical season, saying New Jersey is in for a normal allergy season.

Suffer from allergies and need some relief? Here are some tips, shared with Patch by Dr. Clifford Bassett of the Allergy and Asthma Care of New York, Dr. Mariana Castells at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and SafeBee:

  1. Keep track of the pollen count in your area and plan accordingly. If the pollen count is particularly high, it may be a excellent day to exercise indoors.
  2. Wear sunglasses outdoors. Glasses assist protect your eyes from direct contact with pollen and other airborne allergens that cause itchy and watery eyes.

    Large or wrap-around glasses in specific may be most helpful.

  3. Stop using a clothesline. When you dry your clothes and linens outdoors in the spring, they are likely to get covered with pollen. Once you bring them inside, the pollen comes along for the ride, and this may trigger your allergic symptoms.
  4. Clean the pollen off your jackets, shoes, dogs, and hair. Pollen can cover anything, and if you’re bringing it in your home you may never be capable to avoid your symptoms.

    Figure out the ways pollen gets in your home, and take simple steps to hold it out.

  5. Wear a pollen mask, especially during yard work. Pollen masks may assist to reduce your irritation during activities in which exposure to pollen is unavoidable.
  6. Make certain your windows are closed between 4 A.M. and 10 A.M. These are peak hours for pollen, and the final thing you desire is pollen wafting into your home through an open window.
  7. Select flowers wisely. Whether you’re gardening or buying flowers for indoors, make certain to avoid any flowers that might trigger your allergies. Dr Bassett specifically recommends avoiding star jasmine, narcissus, gardenias, impatiens, lily of the valley, dahlia, lavender, lilac, jasmine and aster.

Read more on how to prevent and treat allergies here.

With Reporting By Cody Fenwick, Patch National Staff

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SPRINGFIELD, NJ — Spring is here and while numerous may be rejoicing at the arrival there are numerous, such as myself, that are suffering from allergies.

Specifically, in Union County where pollen counts are among the highest in the country.

Springfield Township in Union County currently has the second highest pollen count in the U.S. followed by the highest in Kansas City, Kansas, according to The Weather Channel.

But you don’t need the weather channel to tell you that. Just looking at your yellow-dusted car in the driveway will indicate the high levels of tree pollen.

As of Thursday, April 25 tree pollen is reported as high and grass pollen as low.

Pollen levels will drop to moderate for Friday and Saturday but return to high on Sunday and Monday.

So grab the nasal spray, eye drops, allergy pills and tissues before heading out the door to enjoy the «lovely» blooming nature.

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More people are having unwanted reactions to foods. Up to 35% of adults believe that they are allergic to some type of food.

The number of people with allergies is rising. Although it is becoming more common to own a reaction to a specific food, in numerous cases it is an intolerance, rather than a true allergy. To distinguish the two is significant, as an allergy can be immediately life threatening, while an intolerance affect health and quality of life over longer periods of time.

Food Allergy:
• Comes on suddenly
• Can be triggered by a minute quantity of food
• Happens every time you eat or are in contact with the food
• Can be life-threatening
• Caused by an abnormal immune system response, with symptoms occurring throughout the body – respiratory system, digestive tract, skin, eyes etc.

Food Intolerance:
• Generally comes on gradually
• Primarily involves digestive symptoms, though migraines, memory problems, headaches and skin eruptions are common
• May only happen when you eat a lot of the food
• May only happen if you eat the food often
• Is not immediately life-threatening
• Does not involve the immune system directly

Both allergy and intolerance symptoms:
• Nausea
• Stomach pain
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting

When a food irritates your digestive system and is not properly digested, causes an intolerance.

You may own these symptoms:
• Gas, cramps, or bloating
• Heartburn
• Headaches
• Irritability or nervousness

A food allergy happens when your immune system mistakes something in food as harmful and attacks it. It can affect your whole body:
• Rash, hives, or itchy skin
• Shortness of breath
• Chest pain

Sudden drop in blood pressure, trouble swallowing or breathing –this is life-threatening.

Food Sensitivity:

Food sensitivities cause symptoms similar to allergies but the effects are slower and milder.

Symptoms may take hours or days to appear. Immune system reactions are involved. Sensitivities may contribute to chronic conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sinusitis, rashes and more. Inadequate digestion and absorption of partially digested foods can create reactions and symptoms throughout the body.

Numerous ideas own been proposed to explain the rise in these conditions. Though no clear cause has been sure, most research suggests that multiple factors are involved. These are some of the most prominent.

• Hygiene hypothesis: proposes that less exposure to allergens and bacteria during childhood causes an underdevelopment of the immune system.

Our environment has become cleaner in an effort to own a “germ free” world has had a negative effect on our immune system.

What allergies are high today in livingston nj

Antibacterial products, meats dosed with antibiotics and produce that is sprayed own created an artificial, unnatural environment. Perhaps exposure to natural dirt and bacteria is necessary to “educate” our immune system.

• Exposure to a higher variety of food. Our ancestors were limited in the kinds of foods they ate, often eating the same thing everyday. Furthermore, today our foods are processed and genetically modified in ways that the human body has never encountered.

What allergies are high today in livingston nj

The consequences of this are not fully understood.

• Refined sugars, refined fats, chemical additives, drug residues, foods genetically modified (GMOs) to produce pesticides and other “non foods” may every contribute to an unhealthy digestive tract and/or immune system.

Unfortunately no clear solutions or guidelines yet exist to ameliorate this growing problem. Therapies and treatments can vary with each patient and depend on the specific intolerance or sensitivity. Raising nutritional status by eating organically raised foods and eliminating toxic non-foods such as refined grains, fats and sugars, chemical additives is helpful.

Specific protocols such as the Elimination diet, own numerous positive outcomes.

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At this time of year, he said, "there's always plenty of ragweed around," but its spread is influenced by the weather conditions that change from one day to the next.

"If there's rain and high humidity, the pollen will be inhibited," he said, "but if there's dry weather — windy, fair, excellent days — there'll be plenty of ragweed around."

Allergy sufferers cannot necessarily count on relief on those humid days, either, Dr.

Nicholas pointed out, because mold spores, another common cause of hay fever, "tend to proliferate when it's damp and humid."

Unless ideal conditions prevail, of course, there inevitably will be some days when the pollen wins and the hay fever sufferers feel as if they are trapped under water. Relief may be available, though, in the form of two new prescription drugs that allergy specialists tell are fairly effective. Dr. Weiss described two new nasal sprays, containing beclamethasone and cromolyn sodium, which interrupt the allergic reaction when applied. Beclamethasone has been in use for almost three years, and cromolyn sodium has just been approved by the Food and Drug istration for nasal application.

What allergies are high today in livingston nj

In the past, the most widely used treatment consisted of antihistamines, which can cause drowsiness, and decongestants, which doctors tell can cause a "rebound" effect if applied too frequently to sensitive nasal membranes. Patients with particularly severe allergies are often advised to undergo protective immunotherapy, in which gradually increasing doses of an allergen are given by injection to desensitize the patient over a period of time.



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What allergies are high today in livingston nj

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What allergies are high today in livingston nj

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What allergies are high today in livingston nj

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What allergies are high today in livingston nj

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